Bridge and Tunnel

early San Francisco Bay Bridge concept

Honoring Emperor Norton

One of SF’s ur-eccentrics, (self-proclaimed) Emperor Norton, called on Congress in the 1870s to fund a bridge and tunnel across the Bay connecting San Francisco to Oakland. Some 50 years later, with the aid of the Army Corps (and the Great Depression, ohey stimulus!), the Bay Bridge was constructed in three years and opened in 1936. After the western span was severely damaged in the 89 Loma Prieta earthquake, a new span — taking some 20 years to complete– was constructed. In 2013, a local campaign urged the state to commemorate the western span after Norton, but ultimately the state bestowed that honor to former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. The campaign has since incorporated into a non-profit dedicated to researching and advancing Norton’s legacy. Maybe the second transbay BART tube, currently under preliminary study, could bear Norton’s namesake?

New Streetcars? Ja, bitte!

San Francisco is ready to receive a new inventory of streetcars in 2016. Siemens corporation is building the modern vehicles in a facility in Sacramento. The City has issued a purchase requisition for over 600 vehicles, the largest increase to its fleet since the 1980s.