Bridging My Own Digital Divide

I recently had a birthday and received as a gift a negative scanner. It was only in 2005 or so that I started using a digital camera in earnest. Before that time I was taking pictures with either my Nikon or trusty Pentax K1000. It’s exciting to go through boxes of old negatives to slowly digitize years worth of memories. These are a few of the first images I took and developed in my sophomore year in high school.

Most are in Niles and Sunol, on the outskirts of Fremont, CA but some are also from my early travels in Europe.


90s Nostalgia


I lost myself in a bit of nostalgia this weekend. I came across this picture from a roll of film I shot back in the 90s when I lived in Berlin. A number of the images were captured on the film before it advanced to the film’s first picture position. A happy mistake, because I don’t think I could have produced such an image if I had intentionally tried.